Interested in Better Mortgage Insurance?


Most Canadians are not prepared should the unexpected happen. Luckily, we can offer you a smart, flexible solution that fits your specific needs AND protects your future. It’s called Better Mortgage Insurance.

Better Mortgage Insurance covers MORE than just your mortgage. It offers you and your loved ones financial protection in the events of disability or critical illness.

7 Reasons You Should Consider Assumption Life Insurance:

1) You are not locked in with any bank. Coverage stays with you so you have the freedom to bank, refinance and shop around for the best mortgage rates without having to re-apply for insurance.

2) You are in control of the payout. Better Mortgage Insurance benefits your family, not the bank. You can decide which financial priorities to take care of.

3) You’re approved at time of application. Contrary to most banks, you won’t run the risk of learning you’re not covered at the time of your claim.

4) You won’t have to sacrifice any coverage options. It’s a comprehensive plan that goes further than regular bank coverage by protecting you on all three fronts: death, disability and critical illness.

5) It keeps more cash in your pockets. This solution is often more affordable than mortgage insurance offered by financial institutions.

6) It covers more than your mortgage. You can create a custom plan that provides more coverage, covers other loans and meets your other protection needs.

7) It builds your insurability. As you pay off your mortgage, this solution allows you to change to permanent life insurance without any medical exams.
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Interested in Better Mortgage Insurance?